Greetings Earthlings…

Zy zy! Or, as you earthlings say, ‘hello’.

I am contacting you across the galaxy from planet Zygon. I believe you have heard about our wonderful world…

Well, I shall explain my reason for communication: My leader (the all powerful Gon Zy) wishes to learn more about human behaviour. We recently had some visitors from planet Earth and they complained about some of our activities. The tall ones complained that the chocolate in the lakes was too hot and the shorter ones informed us that they enjoy ‘games’, which we have none of.

We did see one family sitting around a table for a long time, moving small objects around a board and this seemed to make them very happy and also sad. They said this was a game.

Please could you help us to understand:
– what they are;
– what you need to do them;
– how it works.

On behalf of the great Gon Zy, thank you.

Let Zygons be Zygons.

My Invented Story by Chloe

Thousands of memorable years ago, there once lived a pretty 10 year old girl named Chloe, who lived with her bossy mum, her nan, her grandad and her adorable puppy, Archie. They were a very happy family, who cared for each other every day. One morning, as the sun peeked it’s way through the fluffy clouds, Archie awoke with a startle from his big, colossal basket. Chloe was still fast asleep in her bunk-bed (the bottom bed). Her gorgeous blue eyes flickered open that summers morning. She pulled the quilt towards the far end of her and her Mum’s bedroom. Without trying to knock anything over, she carefully picked up her I-Pod from her bedside table. As quick as lightning, she raced downstairs, opened the dog gate and walked into the living room.” Is it Saturday today, Mum?” Her mum replied,” Yes,but, I just need to give you this easy- to- follow warning. DO NOT go next door to Alivia’s house; there is a haunted house next door to her house.” So, Chloe put on her favourite top, her pitch black leggings and her shiny,red, brand new shoes.

She knew exactly what she was going to do. She secretly opened her glass made door and found her best friend Alivia stood outside her front door and exclaimed,” Are you coming to play in my back garden?” Chloe commented,” Yes I don’t care what my mum says, I will come over.But wait. What about Tammy ( Alivia’s dog)?” ” She will be fine,she does not jump up, she does not bark or nothing.” Then, Chloe leaped over the wall over to her American friend. They started to do the cup song. After an hour, Chloe’s mum called her for gymnastics. But Chloe was in the haunted house! Chloe started to notice ghosts everywhere in the pitch black room. Chloe felt her body starting to shiver. Chloe was petrified.  She heard unfamiliar voices all around her. At that very moment, Alivia came up with a very good game,” How about we play hide and seek with Anthony -Alivia’s older brother.” Chloe wasn’t so sure about this. She didn’t know what to do. Should she say yes or no? Alivia started crouching down onto the floor; she was also scared. So scared.

Then, she saw a white face in the distance. She screamed in horror. Fortunately, it was Anthony trying to find Alivia and Chloe. Once he had found the girls, he invited them for a game of hide and seek. They both agreed; the first person to count was Chloe because they were going from youngest to oldest so therefore Anthony was last to count. Anthony and Alivia found their best hiding spots ever but when Chloe went searching for the brother and sister, all she could think about was ghosts. As a tear fell from each eye, she yelled out,”I give up” because she was so terrified. The boy and girl popped out of their hiding spots as quick as a flash. Chloe made up a lie and shouted,2 I feel sick, I cannot play any more of hide and seek, not for the WHOLE day!” Alivia tried her best to help her younger friend out, she had tried everything. Nothing would NOT work. Chloe still felt the same.

The Tunnel Of Endless Love ( by Holly and Annabel )

I glare into this empty tunnel wondering when it will end. I see my future into my lost memory. ” Hello!” I yell trying to find a way out. No one was there to anwser me. Silence spread through my body making me shiver madly. Suddenly lights turn on making me trip over my own feet. Questions explore my mind about this abandoned cavern.I slowly step into the light to see a misty shadow standing there staring into my deep ocean blue eyes. DUN DUN DUN…

” Oh hey! You scared me,” I exclaim loudly, trying to make a new friend.

The Dimension Of Secrets – episode 1 ( by Holly )

Darkness. That’s all that I can see. All I can think about is my name. Almira Almira Almira. I stop panicking for a second and look up. There is a glimse of light beaming through a hole in this dark space – it makes me go dizzy for a second. To my surprise, a small kid comes down and says ” Grab my hand, it will be alright,” this gives me a warm/wanted feeling inside so I grab his arm ; he heaves me up. As I get up I can see loads of camps set up. I grin as I think about how many friends I could have out of these groups of people – this puts a grin on my face. Suddenly, this boy drops me on the grass and then walks away. Great!. I just forgot all my life and now a small boy has dumped me on a grass patch by these total strangers! yep, I’m  done for. I get up and wipe all the mud and grass off my skirt. A girl luckily comes up to me and smiles. I smile back trying to hide that I’m actually quite shy. ” Howdy yal,” she says trying to pull an cowboy voice, ” Sorry bout that, I’m Alice and since nobody else wants to, I will show you around”. She grabs my arm and starts yanking me down the path. I think I’m going to have a nice time here…

Homework (reece)

As the stairs curled up and down BAM BAM BAM “HELLLLP” screamed the trouble makers sweat trickled down there face as they screamed for bare life or the outside world. They craled on the floor for pity.

I ran jumped out I could smell the fresh air feel  the vitanam D and the sun go through my bare skin I could hear the birds tweet and hear the chitter of the chip monks I could smell the hotdogs.. hotdogs “That means people even a town yeah I’m saved!” he chanted as loud as he could.

As the moon relected the silvery milky streaks of light the lighthouse was the only thing awake apart from me the stars twinkled like cristmas lights and as small as a fairy the constillations shone bright you could almost see peoples dreams and here them too even if its sounds like nothing you can hear it.


The Midnight Strike ( by Holly )

I trip over my legs as I dart for the door. Something is clutching hold of my shoes! I kick this thing off my legs and grab my bag. without mum by my side my life is a catastrophe. I pick up my courage and turn around. Now I am face to face with this hideous beast. I close my eyes, while he drags me away and try to think about how I got into this mess…

I open my eyes to mum sat at table munching on her flakes. I look up to her. Her long golden flock of hair curls beautifully and her eyes twinkle like all the stars in the sky. when you look into them, you get hypnotized immediately from their sternness. I stare for a second but then I have a brilliant idea. “ Mum,” I say “ can I go to the old High School?” I grin as I pick up my mug of warm Cocoa. “ I’ve told you a million times maya you are never going to the Deadly High School.” She replies standing up and packing her computer away for her work. This was a silly thing to say to a sneaky little girl. Once I hear the door slam shut I grab my rucksack and tiptoe out the door. I saddle up my horse and ride, with the wind blowing through the ginger streaks of my hair.

I close my eyes as I ride my horse into the sunset. I imagine i’m on a unicorn riding into my red dazzle palace. I look up at the giant chandelier which has small diamonds hanging off. I snap out of my daydream when a screaming noise starts ringing in my head. I jump off my grey horse and slide past all the bright red warning signs. I want to explore. I want to learn more about this forbidden place. are the legends true? I climb up onto the roof while I carry my bag behind me. Once I’m up I stare at the moon. I hear the roof creaking so I try to get down. Suddenly, my leg slips. A cold hand wraps around my thigh and pulls me in the hole. I scream for help. Oh no! I am stuck…

I snap back where I am. I am being pulled along the cold, rough and hard soil. My life is falling apart just like a broken puzzle. I grab the soil to slow me down but it only goes in my face. I hear this creature howl loudly. Then I look behind to see more of these beasts carrying me. I move about, fidgeting madly. I see the gloomy shadows whispering to each other while the trees twist round and around.

Fortunately a woman jumps down from the trees with a sharp dagger in her hand. She stabs the beasts and grabs me in her arms and darts along the misty path. “ They’ll be coming!” This lady whispers to me kissing me on the forehead. Could it be? she puts me down by a tree and runs off. “Why would she do this though?” I whisper to myself. my mind is running wild with so many questions for this hero. I close my eyes and scrunch into a ball. Why did I do this…

I wake up in my small bedroom.  The light blinds me. I sit up and stroke charlie ( my dog ). Mum walks in with her eyes narrow. “ Why did you go to the High School?” mum says handing me a cup of warm lemonade. “ It was you,” I whisper. Mum frowns at me. “ It was you! You where that warrior at the forbidden high school?!” I yell sitting up and smiling. Mum smirks as she walks out the door. I have a smashing idea…

My story by Chloe-H

As I kissed my mum ‘goodnight’, I turned my PlayStation 3 off and turned the 2 big, colossal lights out, hanging from my ceiling. I quickly brushed my teeth to make sure that they are white, rushed upstairs and dived under the duvet. I whispered to myself,” I wonder what the work will be tomorrow?” Then, I fell asleep.

As the sun rose into the sky at 7:00, I swung myself onto the edge of my thick, comfy bed and yawned, stretched and grinned. As I walked out of my pure-pink room, I happened to run into my mum’s bedroom and sang a few songs. When I finished my last song, my mum called up to me,”Chloe, it’s time for breakfast.” So, I replied back to her,”Coming, Mum.” I raced downstairs and my mum gave me a choice out of Rice Crispies and Corn Flakes and I chose my favourite cereal. Corn Flakes. When there was no single Corn Flake left in the bowl, I quickly got ready for school. I put on my white T-Shirt, black tights, black skirt, black school shoes and black cardigan. After that, I tied my hair up in a ponytail and asked my mum to drop me to school in our black Fiesta car.

She quickly agreed and as soon as I arrived in the foot of the playground, I talked with my best friend, Charlie-Ann. We were talking about maths, homework and reading. Charlie-Ann asked me,”Chloe, have you read?” I commented back to her,”Yes.” Then, Mr Thurston came outside to come and collect the Cool Koalas. Once we got inside, I grabbed my Get Thinking book and started my task quietly. Then, it was time for phonics so I went to Mr Moxham’s classroom and did a spelling test and, luckily, I had them all right.

Moving on, I started my maths questions and stuck my sheet in at the end of the lesson. Finally, it was playtime. Me and Charlie-Ann sensibly walked down the stairs and was on our way outside into the gigantic playground. Once playtime was over, I lined up in a quiet way and waited patiently for Mr Thurston to come and collect us. Just then, it was time to map out a story but I seem to have forgotten the name of it. I apologize. At last, it was lunchtime. Year 5 was in first so me and Charlie-Ann collected our packed-lunches and then ate our lunch. We went outside and played together, nicely.

It was finally time for PE so the girls made their way through to Mrs Chaplin’s class and the boys made their own way through to Mr Moxham. Then, we arrived in the gym where we did some compete online games. At the end of the day, we got changed in separate classes. When I got home, I started to do my homework so it was all complete. Feeling tired, I asked my mum if I could go to bed because after all, it was 9:00 and I usually go to bed at that time. That night, I had an amazingly good feeling in my tummy about today’s day at school.